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My design journey started when I was little and I must thank my parents for leading me on this path. They were the ones who surrounded me with craft projects when I got home from school. They nurtured my love for art and design. And when I was 16 (and a very lazy teenager) they pushed me go to The Royal Art Academy in 2005 in the hopes of re-sparking my passion. Which is exactly what happened.

My other great love is South Africa. After exploring the country after high school, I decided to study at Red & Yellow School of Advertising, where I graduated in 2011. 

I didn't follow a normal career path. I freelanced for two years and then started my own stationery brand that I grew into an accessory label. I then opened a large shop, where I sold my own designs, as well as lines of design, art, jewellery, clothing, and more by other designers. But I missed my first love. So I returned full-time to the design and advertising world and have been working as a freelancer ever since.


I would love to help you with any of the following:

- Graphic Design
- Creative Direction
- Art Direction
- Identity Design
- Branding
- Web Design
- Layout Design
- Product Design
- Textile Design
- Packaging Design

Want my help with something else? Let me know. I do love a good challenge.


Send me a message with what you are looking for. I will translate it into a proposal. Fees are usually project based. I work closely with a strategist, creative writer and a web developer, as well as many other creatives that we bring on to different projects, so together we are able to offer a full package.


- The Space Between Drinks

- Prime Capital

- Farm 215

- Hatch

- Radiantlife Wallet

- Orenda financial Services
- Project Bayit 

- AbbVie

- ReAligna

- Cape Town Carnival

- House Of_
- Portfolio Bureau

- Sugarbird gin
- SEMLI (University of Pretoria)
- Markham
- Woolworths

- Karoo Blush
- Longdagen
- Het Concertgebouw 

- Missibaba
- Xandre Kriel

- Dr. Catherine Elliott

- Voila Africa

- Pitsop baby gear

- Sportways South Africa

- Trusted interns
- Masfina

- Project Bayit 

- Pitstop baby gear

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