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Cape Town Carnival - Reunited 2022


In 2021 we where asked to come up with a theme name and Identity for the 2022 Cape Town Carnival. This time around things where a bit different as Covid measures where still in place and the carnival could not continue as a street parade. They had put together 5 hubs in the city that performed 5 shows during 1 day. All hubs were walking distance from each other.

Now we had the task to communicate a few more things than usual. 1. The carnival returned, 2. It is a different format than before, 3 You have to buy a ticket, 4. And oh yes this is this years theme. 

The Concept

To name the Carnival we organised a little online worksop with key members involved in the Carnival. They wanted a name that encompassed the spirit of the carnival as well as what we had gone through and the desire to come together and hold a carnival again. We ended up with the word Reunited. Then Kayli wrote a discriptor and a manifesto for this years theme.


5 Hubs. 5 Shows. 1 Celebration.

Reunite with friends, family and our beautiful city as you enjoy a reimagined Cape Town Carnival experience on 19 March 2022, where COVID-19 safety is as important as showcasing the incredible creativity of our people.

We used to have one way to enjoy Carnival, but now, we have five. So come meander between five one-of-a-kind Carnival Hubs, bursting to life with colour, art, song, dance, music and more. Visit one or all of the hubs - and for the first time ever - you curate your Carnival experience.


The streets connecting the hubs turn the city into a place of celebration, where you can support local businesses, restaurants, and art galleries.

For visual concept we used lined representing everyone coming together again. There are 5 lines representing the 5 hubs. each coming in from a different direction briefly meeting and then going their own way to their own hub.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 11.51.46.png

Visual elements

The lines represent people coming together and more practically they represent the 5 hubs. Each hub got a colour. The lines are used through all our design. For naming and indication we used the "end" of the line.



To give identity to the hubs we organised a shoot. The shoot featured 5 different performers from the festival. They each represent on of the hubs. These visuals where used through out our communication to indicate the hubs but also spark excitement


I wanted the website to be engaging so I used the lines to draw your eye past several elements. We used our colours and people to make it exciting and fun.

Street Pole Poster

For the Street pole posters we had the opportunity to create one for each hub. I had the characters look strait at you to pull attention to the poster. I choose contrasting backgrounds to make them pop even more.


For the tv ad we wanted it to be very vibrant and visually stimulating. We have our lines weave through the frames to take the viewers on a journey. 

Colleteral and event day.

We created a whole lot of collateral for the carnival all within this theme. But i am not going to bore you with that. Below are some images from the carnival as well as a few of the elements used on the day.

The annual review

At the end of every carnival we we put together an annual review with them. This goes out to sponsors and key stake holders to communicate what was done this year as well as revenue and reach.

ctc ar.jpg

Client: Cape Town Carnival
Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Direction: Kayli Vee Levitan
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Web design: Naomi Bossert

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