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Hatch was founded in September 2015 by two friends, Jacqui Barhouch and Christy Smith, inspired by a news feature on the Finnish baby box scheme.

New moms in the communities Hatch supports face huge challenges - it must be one of the toughest places to raise a child. Most women give birth at the clinic alone, with very little in the way of clothes or toiletries for their new babies, so receiving a bag of essentials really helps with those early days.

Hatch provides them with a bag of essentials that will take care of their needs for the first few weeks. This charity takes donations both in goods and money and every three months they drop of a large amount of bags at government hospitals.

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The logo represents different people from different backgrounds coming together to give and to receive. The letters are hand drawn and unique. Together they form a warm hug. Exactly what we want moms to feel when they receive the care package.


We selected a range of jewel tone colours that we toned down a bit. They support the logo in showing that every letter is different and make it more fun and less serious at the same time.

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 10.28.15.png


We created a set of visual elements that represent hatch and that can be used to add a fun element to communication.

The eggs represent the different babies and support the logo

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 10.31.43.png

With the eggs we created a pattern. 



For the delivery of their essentials bag they needed two design to print on it. Even though they are very gender neutral products, some items that get donated are gender specific. We did not want to use the traditional blue and pink so we choose differently.

Client: Hatch
Graphic Design, Art Direction: Naomi Bossert

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