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A new co-working space was opening in Cape Town and they came to us to help with their strategy, name, branding and roll-out.


A co-working space, just like fashion houses, are both places where anything can happen. That’s what inspired the name. The space is a blank canvas where your thoughts, plans, and dreams come to life. The CI and branding are inspired by and represent a modern interpretation of surrealism, where the lines between the real and the unreal are blurred.

The logo is the perfect example of a surrealist illusion. Is it bent text or is it a an office, a brick, a meeting space, or a blank canvas.


ICON - the monster

The brand manifesto refers to your business as a beast that needs to be fed to grow. And HOUSE OF_ is a space where you can feed The Beast. To add some life and humour to the branding, we created The Beast icon, who we used in a few different contexts, in the space, on the site, on Social Media and on collateral.



Also in the manifesto is the idea that there’s a very fine line between creating your successful business - and not. We turned this idea of a fine line into a graphic device, that lads you through the physical space and the site. If you zoom out it looks like a path, and to add to the surrealist aesthetic, it weaves in and out of the website content. Have a look at



Their social media content brought together all the design elements that we created, to promote the space in a bold way.


On the collateral we used The Beast and made our own optical illusions. The aim was to make collateral that wasn’t just branded but also fun to wear.



The space is your blank canvas whilst still being uniquely HOUSE OF_. The fine line follows you around the entire space, we named the boardrooms after mythical creatures to play on "real vs. unreal", the kitchen featured a giant Beast mural, and the bathroom showcased inclusivity.

Client: House of_, Rudelee Brits and Eric Merks
Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Direction: Kayli Vee Levitan
Graphic Design, Art Direction: Naomi Bossert

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